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Calendars 2016

Hello everybody! Do you remember this community? It's tsukisagi's graphics community which has been abandoned for a long long time >_< I'm really sorry about that! As you might suppose, real life happened and the last time I was here I was soon to graduate from high school and now I'm soon to graduate from college! Time flies but there are things that do not change, like my love for making graphics. Unfortunately, I have little to no time for it nowadays. Still, I got to make some new calendars for 2016! Most of them are actually remakes from previous ones, but some are all new and good thing is that you'll get all 12 months in the moment you request!

The price is $4.50 for all 12 months.

Payments only via PayPal.

If you're a member of this community, you can request January for free! CLICK HERE!

You'll get the graphics above with your name and all special dates you want to have marked. Also, you can tell me when is your birthday and I'll add a special little pixel for that day (like the one on July 19).

Let me know if you're interested in a comment down below and I'll send you a PM with my paypal adress. After payment, you can make your request in a comment or the way you prefer (PM, e-mail, etc.).

From now on, this community will be used to post notices of any new icons I post at my personal journal and for new offers I might be able to make in the future.

Thank you all for your support and for still being members of this community! ♥
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