Paola (tsukisagi) wrote in tsukisagis,

Trick or Treat and Promo Contest!

Hi again everyone! This is the link to my treat or trick bucket at treat_or_trick, in case you'd like to leave something for me :) It's my first time participating, so I'm really excited! Also, you can leave the link to your bucket on this post so I can go and leave something for you <3

I'm also going to hold a promo contest so more active users on LJ can join my community, I'd appreciate it a lot if you can help me out! The person who sends more people to this post commenting they were sent by them, wins a lifetime loved pass! Remember that if you are part of my loved list, you get to request all closed offers in this community, three blinkies, sigtags or icons a month from my gallery (coming soon), and half price in all the special sets posted here, too.

You can use the following blinkie to promote my community tsukisagis!

Thank you so much, everyone! <3 Don't forget to check out all new open offers :)

Contest ends on November 5.

Final Tally
moonshinefaerie - 3
laurahonest - 2
brutal - 1

Tags: promo contest
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