Paola (tsukisagi) wrote in tsukisagis,

12 Days of Christmas ~ Theme Week

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your support on my last entry! I decided to post about my Christmas Theme Week again. Some things are going to be different though: you can get to sign up completely for FREE, but will only be able to have 10 graphics from December 11 to December 16.

In case you want to buy the rest, the price is $3.00: you get 25 graphics from December 11 to December 22.

Some examples of what you're going to get under the cut:

All graphics are made using paid pixels from Tallie's Corner & Completement Blinkies

If you want to sign up, please send me a PM and I'll reply to you with my e-mail so you can send payment via PayPal. If you can't send as a gift, please make sure to consider fees!

After you have made your payment (if you're signing up for free, you can do it right away!), please comment in this post with the following:

Name for blinkies:
No. of boxes:
Name for sigtags:
Tag for icons:

Hair color: (black, brown, blonde or red)
Favorite color: (blue, green, red, purple, yellow or pink)
A second favorite color: (same as above)
Favorite Christmas quote:

Happy Holidays and happy requesting!

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