12 Days of Christmas ~ Theme Week

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your support on my last entry! I decided to post about my Christmas Theme Week again. Some things are going to be different though: you can get to sign up completely for FREE, but will only be able to have 10 graphics from December 11 to December 16.

In case you want to buy the rest, the price is $3.00: you get 25 graphics from December 11 to December 22.

Some examples of what you're going to get under the cut:

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If you want to sign up, please send me a PM and I'll reply to you with my e-mail so you can send payment via PayPal. If you can't send as a gift, please make sure to consider fees!

After you have made your payment (if you're signing up for free, you can do it right away!), please comment in this post with the following:

Name for blinkies:
No. of boxes:
Name for sigtags:
Tag for icons:

Hair color: (black, brown, blonde or red)
Favorite color: (blue, green, red, purple, yellow or pink)
A second favorite color: (same as above)
Favorite Christmas quote:

Happy Holidays and happy requesting!



I won't have many rules for my community, so don't worry too much! We're all allowed to make mistakes or forget about something. But please take the following statements with special consideration:

Always credit my graphics whenever you use them, you can do this as in the following format: made by tsukisagi @ tsukisagis.livejournal.com, or doing it like this when you post your graphics:
You can use my graphics wherever you want, except Facebook, Tumblr and similar sites, as long as you give a link back to my community.

Do not take any of the pixels out of my graphics, some of them are freeware but most of the time I have extensively edit them to have the final result that I want. If you'd like to have something for your collection, ask away! I can point you out where to find it or share it directly with you (only if it's freeware, of course).

When you save your graphics, please do not change the file names.

Do not request more than one open offer from me at a time unless you're Loved (this applies for all communities I make at: glitterfuls, yahuh and smirky).

Do not hotlink your graphics, please upload to your own server. Even if you do so, once you have picked them up, I'll most likely delete them off my online library so I highly recommend you to follow this rule closely.

In the other hand, you can:

       Edit your request as much as you'd like as long as I haven't made your graphics already.

       Request hearts for your blinkies.

       Take your time to pick up your graphics, just please comment when you do. If I see you haven't picked up in a long long time, I might simply delete your graphics.

       Let me know of any mistakes I make! I'll fix them as soon as possible.

       Ask for a special edit on your graphics (add pixel text where there wasn't any, for example), but if I can actually do it or not is up to me, keep that in mind please!

And most importantly...

       Enjoy your graphics! This is what I'm here for, after all ;D

I have never had the need of taking further action into the violation of any these rules, they're pretty much general ones when it comes to graphics making. Actually, I have only encountered kind hearted, grateful people who appreciate my work as much as I appreciate them as my members, so I really hope this remains the same <3


Trick or Treat and Promo Contest!

Hi again everyone! This is the link to my treat or trick bucket at treat_or_trick, in case you'd like to leave something for me :) It's my first time participating, so I'm really excited! Also, you can leave the link to your bucket on this post so I can go and leave something for you <3

I'm also going to hold a promo contest so more active users on LJ can join my community, I'd appreciate it a lot if you can help me out! The person who sends more people to this post commenting they were sent by them, wins a lifetime loved pass! Remember that if you are part of my loved list, you get to request all closed offers in this community, three blinkies, sigtags or icons a month from my gallery (coming soon), and half price in all the special sets posted here, too.

You can use the following blinkie to promote my community tsukisagis!

Thank you so much, everyone! <3 Don't forget to check out all new open offers :)

Contest ends on November 5.

Final Tally
moonshinefaerie - 3
laurahonest - 2
brutal - 1


Back, one more time!

Hello all! Tsukisagi is back once again :) After a veeery long absence, not only from this community but from graphics making and livejournal overall, I have realized I truly miss the old times and decided to come back. My life has made some really crazy turns that I won't even go into detail, but right now I have some free time I can use to remember how to make cute blinkies and sigtags. Last year I made a bunch of icons during these months, you can check them out at my personal journal :) For this community, I want to continue offering freebies and also special offers for the people who is still on my loved list, but first, I'd like everyone to fill a small poll:

What kind of graphics would you like to request?

Other: tell me what in the comments please!

What kind of themes are you most interested on?

Coming holidays
Current season of the year
Other: tell me what in the comments please!

Are you still around and using pixel graphics?

Not much

This poll is only to know what are you all most interested on these days, however, if you'd like to keep being part of this community and request future offers, you have to answer it please!

Don't hesitate into telling me any ideas and suggestions you have for me and this community! Thank you so much for still being here ♥


Calendars 2016

Hello everybody! Do you remember this community? It's tsukisagi's graphics community which has been abandoned for a long long time >_< I'm really sorry about that! As you might suppose, real life happened and the last time I was here I was soon to graduate from high school and now I'm soon to graduate from college! Time flies but there are things that do not change, like my love for making graphics. Unfortunately, I have little to no time for it nowadays. Still, I got to make some new calendars for 2016! Most of them are actually remakes from previous ones, but some are all new and good thing is that you'll get all 12 months in the moment you request!

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The price is $4.50 for all 12 months.

Payments only via PayPal.

If you're a member of this community, you can request January for free! CLICK HERE!

You'll get the graphics above with your name and all special dates you want to have marked. Also, you can tell me when is your birthday and I'll add a special little pixel for that day (like the one on July 19).

Let me know if you're interested in a comment down below and I'll send you a PM with my paypal adress. After payment, you can make your request in a comment or the way you prefer (PM, e-mail, etc.).

From now on, this community will be used to post notices of any new icons I post at my personal journal and for new offers I might be able to make in the future.

Thank you all for your support and for still being members of this community! ♥

Valentine's Theme Week

12 graphics for all the lovely couples out there, made with paid pixels from Tallie's Corner! The price is $4.50. If you're interested into purchasing them, fill the form in a comment and I'll send you a PM with my paypal adress.


(Boy-girl, girl-girl, or boy-boy)
No. of boxes:
SO's name:
Anniversary date:
Yes or no
Engagement date:
Picture: (Link, please)
Hair colors: (Specify which for you and which for your SO)
Skin: Lighter or darker
A color:

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Calendars 2013

These are the examples for this year. February comes in two versions, in one of them you can add the initials of you and your beloved one.

The price is $3.50, but if you order them now before Christmas, you can purchase them for $2.50

The price is $3.50

As always, tell me your special dates and the name you want on them, and send me a PM for further information.

EDIT: Also, please add the initials you'd want on the special version of February, in case you want any.

Disney Girls Set

Hi everyone! I come up with this wonderful Disnet Girls Set, I say wonderful because I put my heart into doing it, even though the lack of time I was so excited after purchasing thes new boxes by tiara, that I had a big inspiration of making blinkies with the awesome disney pixels I found.

The price is $3.50, you can see all the blinkies available clicking on the cut.

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If you're interested, please send me a private message for further information, and leave a comment with the name you'd like on them.

Offer still open HERE.


Fantasy Pack - Improved version

Last year I made this blinkie pack, but looking close at it now, I had some mistakes for being still a newbie at blinkie-making. So, I'm offering it again for those people who purchased it before. Just let me know you want them!

Also, for those interested, the price is $4.00.

Just take in consideration that I may take a little time to make them, like till next weekend.

No. of Boxes:

Hair color: (Blonde, brown or black)
Dress color: (Pink, purple or blue)

For any case, send me a PM please.

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